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A free employment service for people with disabilities or Learning difficulties and Centrelink referred customers

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JOBS WEST is a Specialised Employment Service that assists people with a disability or someone referred from Centrelink to become active members of the workforce. JOBS WEST has been helping people find and maintain employment since 1986.

Jobs West are a non-discriminatory Specialised Employment Service that adheres to the Department of Social Services (DSS), ’6 Disability Standards’, ’Employment and Related Services Code of Practice’ and all other relevant legislation.

Client participation and input are an integral component of the on-going review and continuous improvement of the Policy's, Procedures and direction of Western Vocational Association Inc / Jobs West.

At present Jobs West staff, between them, have over 70 years experience of working with disadvantaged people.

Client's making the decision to be a part of the continuous improvement via input and feedback on the service they have received (and expect) manifests through involvement with: Committee of Management, Client Quality Assurance Group, Evaluation Surveys, internal strategies. All input is recorded with relevant suggestions and reviews implemented into service procedures.





People Who:


Western Vocational Association INC / JOBS WEST is funded by the Federal Government, its direction & goal is to assist people find and maintain a job, in open employment. JOBS WEST is a non profit bussiness by auspice of the Western Vocational Association INC and managed by a voluntary Committee of Management.

As a member of the national Disability Employment Network, Jobs West can provide:


Employment options for job-seekers include:


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Jobs West provides quality employees to a wide range of industry sectors. Our jobseekers have been successfully placed in such industries as:

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Research has shown that employing jobseekers with disabilities is a sound business decision resulting in:

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