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Employer Testimonials

AMEGA 2000
Amega 2000Amega 2000 has enjoyed a long and successful partnership with Jobs West. Our Employment Consultant is always around to handle any difficulties that we may be experiencing. Her frequent visits ensure that we get the most out of our employee and we know that we can always contact her if there is a problem. Jobs West is a very professional company and all the consultants that we have worked with are friendly, polite and genuinely concerned with the welfare of our business and our employee. The service really assists both people with a disability and their employers and we would be happy to recommend Jobs West to anyone who is currently employing or thinking about employing a person with a disability.

Jobs West has assisted Compaction Systems with  Nathan, one of our apprentice boiler-makers for the past year. They have been very pro-active in contacting the TAFE to ensure that Nathan’s studies are on track and have arranged for assistance in this area. Nathan’s Employment Consultant visits Compaction Systems on a regular basis to check on his progress and is always available to assist with any difficulties that may arise. It is clear that Jobs West is very motivated to ensure that both Nathan and Compaction Systems have a successful relationship throughout the apprenticeship and we would highly recommend Jobs West if your company is considering hiring an apprentice with a disability.

Jobs West has been involved with Ballan Holden for just over 6 months. They assisted us to place Anthony in a car detailing position. The advantage of using Jobs West is that they offered us a subsidy for placing Anthony. This meant that while he was still learning his job Jobs West partly subsidised his wages, which gave us time to give him a proper trial and all the training he needs to do his job. Anthony has an Employment Consultant who comes out monthly to check that everything is on track. These visits help to motivate him and we know that his consultant is always available to assist us with any difficulties that may arise. Overall we have been very satisfied with the professional service that Jobs West provides and would recommend the company to any employer who is thinking about hiring a person with a disability.

KFC Sydenham
KFC Sydenham has employed a number of clients from Jobs West with great success. The frequent visits and close contact that Employment Consultants have with KFC Management and our employees mean that our workers maintain consistently high standards. The staff at Jobs West are always willing to deal with any difficulties we are encountering and behave in a professional and courteous manner. Jarrod Nelson, one of our workers who was placed through Jobs West was recently awarded the Employee of the Month Award. This goes to prove that disability is no barrier to achievement. We remain impressed with the service that Jobs West offers and look forward to enjoying a mutually beneficial relationship for many years to come.